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Welcome to Battlehill Methodist Church web site.  We are a small Methodist Church located in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland.  

The church was founded in 1863 and from our location on the hill we can survey the Co. Armagh country side - even as far as Slemish in Co Antrim and the Mourne Mountains in Co Down.  

We have a small congregation of around 30 people and we meet for worship at 10am every Sunday.  As we are part of the Portadown Circuit connection we only have evening services on occasions.

Our minister is the Rev Darrin Thompson and he also has ministerial responsibilities for Thomas Street Methodist Church in Portadown.


History - a brief history of Battlehill Methodist Church.

Contact - how to find Battlehill Church and other churches in the area.  

W5? - The 5 'W' questions - Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Last update - Sept 2020.

This web site provides some information on our church and we hope you enjoy the visit.


The ‘History’ link directs you to a brief excerpt from a book written about the Battlehill area entitled:-

'BATTLEHILL: - A Local History, A Church History'.

The ‘Contacts’ link gives details of how to contact our ministers, addresses for the church and church offices.

Under the ‘W5’ link we have described information about Battlehill Methodist under the headings:-

‘Who, What, Where, When, Why?’